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Custom Catering 

Starting at $12.49 a head you can sit down with us to create any custom menu! Displayed below are a few examples of dishes that we offer along with some events we have done this past year. 

cin rolls.jpg

Homemade cinnamon rolls made to order. 

fart salad.jpg

Broccoli and cauliflower tossed salad.

carrot cake.jpg

Carrot cake with coconut, carrots, and pecans. Topped with cream cheese frosting. 


Banana pudding made with freshly ripened bananas and creamy pudding. 

Chocolate fudge trifle with whipped cream and a graham cracker topping. 

cold brew cake.jpg

Cold brew chocolate cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. 

no bake cookie.jpg

No bake cookies.

catering 1.jpeg
catering 3.jpg
catering 2.jpg

**Allergy Friendly**

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